Fire Pink Trio

The Fire Pink Trio


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Adrienne Albert, Doppler Effect excerpt

Dan Locklair: Dreamsteps, movement 2, Awakenings

Lyle Mays 12 Days in the Shadow of a Miracle Scene 2

Lyle Mays 12 Days in the Shadow of a Miracle Scene 3

Brahms Songs Op 91, #2

Named after the beautiful North American wildflower that covers the mountains in late Spring, Fire Pinks resemble the strokes of a painter’s brush, a symbol of creativity and fresh, new ideas to the members of the trio.

Fire is the energy that the trio felt upon playing together for the first time.

Pink symbolizes their compatibility.

Impassioned Chamber Music

We are very excited to announce that our debut CD, Poetry in Motion, will be released at the end of February! We are getting geared-up for release concerts in Winston-Salem, NC, New York, NY, and Philadelphia, PA. Please see our calendar for more information on these concerts.

Photo by Melanie Hatton

“..they play the music they love with passion, precision, and breathtaking virtuosity.”
- Benjamin K. Roe , WGBH Boston

"These artists showed the type of genius that explains the plenteous praise and awards each one has received. It is good for the world of chamber music that they have seen fit to pool their talents."
- Classical Voice of North Carolina